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April 2015

What happened if PC shut down during vibration test?


Nowadays, computer viruses is increasingly rampant, people sometimes cannot avoid it. There is one customer ask me, what happened if computer crashes during vibration test? I told him, it does not matter whether PC shut down, LAN cable disconnected or WIFI disconnected, the controller will be still running according to the settled schedule, once you reboot computer & restart controller software, or reconnect the network, you can continue to control & monitor the running test. In a certain meaning, it gives a great safety assurance to the shaker and power amplifier. Moreover, it helps customer avoid doing a repeat test, especially when the test is already running over hundreds of hours.  


There is a test conducted by DTC, if you are interested please watch it on-line: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yT_G_78UxY



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